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Satellite TV and High Speed Satellite Internet Featuring Dish -NetworkWildBlue and DIRECTV Satellite Systems  

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If you do not have high speed internet access now, you are missing out on how useful and entertaining the internet can be. With the rest of the United State using the internet more and more in day to day activities, it can be quite frustrating be forced to use a dial-up internet connection simply because the waiting takes all the fun out of the experience. What takes several minutes to load on dial-up will take just seconds on a satellite high-speed connection and will enable you to return to your life much faster.

Directv  has a long record of providing outstanding service and a great line-up of movies and other special programming at the most affordable prices in the satellite TV industry. Not only that, but they also have a great history of having wonderful and friendly customer service and equipment installers. The level of satisfaction exhibited by their customers over the years has been outstanding.
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Dish Network  With advanced remote controls for your system, Dish Network has one of the most user-friendly satellite systems on the market. Top quality satellite TV programming with todays blockbusters on the movie channels and even satellite radio included with most programming packages, the satisfaction rating is above the mark.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Coin Jewelry Is Still An In Thing

Coin jewelry has been around for a very long time. The first accounts of coins used for a type of jewelry dates back to ancient Egypt when it was used to decorate soldiers. Since those days it has been made into a variety of jewelry pieces.

You can buy coin jewelry in jewelry stores and there are lots of them on the internet as well. Older coins salvaged from archeological sites and ship wrecks are popular choices for coin jewelry. Governments from older countries such as Rome, Italy, England, Africa and so many more are popular choices as well.

Here in the United States there are lots of opportunities to collect special limited edition coins and coins with a great significance in history such as the bicentennial quarters that were every where in 1976. This coin was to celebrate our countries 200 year anniversary. There was much jewelry made with this coin. The panda coin jewelry saw a lot of popularity in the 80’s and 90’, especially with girls, women, and animal lovers alike.

Gold pieces, silver dollars, silver dimes, and Indian head pennies are commonly seen on jewelry. They are made into pendants, rings, earrings, belt buckles, key chains, money clips and bracelet charms. The style of settings for the coins can be found in a wide range of choices. The most common is probably when the edge of the coin is encircled with braided gold wrapping.

It can be yellow gold, white gold, or a combination of both. Silver and platinum can also be used. Most people use the whole coin and do not alter it, but sometimes the background can be removed by a jeweler to leave only the outer ring of the coin and an image of a particular part, like a head or an eagle.

If you have and old coin that you cherish for whatever reason, having it made into jewelry might be a good idea. Unless it is extremely valuable, there is no real reason to just let it lie around in a drawer when you can wear it and enjoy it all the time.

Almost any custom jewelry designer will be able to do this. You can pick out whichever piece you would like to have it made into and the style the piece will have. A piece of coin jewelry will be special to you and be a great representation of whatever the reason that you cherish the coin.

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Cell Phone Water Damage Indicator

While I did not pay over $100 for my cell phone, a lot of other people have paid hundreds for theirs and have ended up dropping them in the toilet, the bath tub, the kitchen sink, or even the river or a number of other bodies of water large enough for a phone to be submerged in. There are a lot of places you can get your cell phone wet, but what you probably might not realize is that your cell phone’s warranty does not cover water damage. Manufacturers are even beginning to install these stickers on the insides of the phone in not one, but at least two different places so that if your phone gets wet, you cannot tell the repair technician that it did not. The technician will know if your phone is water damaged simply by the fact that the sticker on the inside of your phone has changed color.

This might be a great thing for manufacturers having to deal with a lot of returns by consumers dropping their phones in the pool and claiming the phone was never wet, but unfortunately for honest consumers, these stickers are so sensitive that they often trip when the humidity is just too high wherever you might be. There is a powdered dye underneath the sticker and when moisture builds up inside the phone, the sticker and dye both get wet and the dye disperses on the sticker, changing it. One of these is typically located on the battery compartment, but another (usually more difficult to access) is located on the circuit board of the phone.

So, how do you get around this? Well, if you want to make both stickers ineffective, you will have to break into your phone quite skillfully, but it can be done. The first sticker is not difficult to reach. Take a piece of scotch tape with a satin finish and cover the sticker with it. If your phone suddenly stops working for no apparent reason, remove the tape and take it back to the manufacturer.

I doubt this will help you much if you drop your phone in the bath tub, because it is not likely that a piece of scotch tape will keep the sticker from getting wet, but it will help protect it from moisture due to high humidity. As for the location of the other sticker, you will probably have a hard time getting to it because it is located on your circuit board.

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