Tuesday, December 29, 2009

E Commerce Site States Economy Not Getting Better For Most

While news companies and politicians use catch phrases like 'jobless recovery", history of certain product sales indicate the opposite is true.

Smoke and Mirrors is what a popular adult toys based e commerce site is calling the "jobless recovery" that top level officials and politicians keep pushing on the public. History has shown that during times of economic hardship that buying habits change. People move away from high end entertainment, luxury items and excessive spending in search of cheaper entertainment and things that are more in line with relationship building, family quality and low cost entertainment.

This is the basis of the claims by the leadership of Vibealot.com, and adult toy retailer online. "Sales are going through the roof for us, but some of our friends in the e commerce business selling higher end electronics and other luxury items are not doing so hot" states Angel McEntire, a spokesperson for the Vibealot.com site. "There are precise indicators based on what then public is buying that tells the real story about what is going on in our economy, and our leaders are not being transparent."

In past recessions and depressions in the US, there were certain products and places that received what little money the public had to spend, and what was purchased was things to bring a little fun and relief from the troubles that people were having during the hard times.

Even during hard times, there will always be some businesses that will excel during economic downturns. Mix the right, quality products with great customer service and millions can be made, just as many of out top companies in the US was founded during the recessions and depression of the early 1900's.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Parts Of the Body Cigarettes Kill The Most

Sometimes cigarette smokers are under the impression that it takes many years for the habit to do any real damage to their bodies, but that simply is not true. Cigarette smoking begins to have detrimental affects on your body as soon as you start doing it regularly. Granted, it might take a lot of years for you to get a serious smoking related disease, but that does not mean that damage is not being done long before that. If you are wondering specifically which parts of the body smoking can affect, that is simple to answer, almost everything.

The damage from smoking cigarettes begins with the mouth, throat, larynx since that is where the smoke goes first. It can cause throat irritation and irritation to the gum. After you have smoked for a while, you might notice that your voice sounds raspier, this is because it is affecting your larynx. Next the smoke goes into the lungs. It can cause excess mucus and narrowing and swelling of the airways. It can cause the lungs to be less able to clear themselves of poisonous substances. You will cough more and after a while wheeze as well. It causes permanent lung damage.

Smokers realize that smoking causes problems with their breathing because this is one of the smoking side effects that they notice the soonest. It does not mean that are things are not being affected as well that they can not feel. The blood can be stickier and carry less oxygen. The blood pressure and the heart rate will many times begin to be affected. This raises the risks for blockages which can lead to strokes and heart attacks. The linings of the arteries can be damaged causing atherosclerosis which is a build up of fatty deposits on the artery walls. This causes poor blood flow.

These are the damages that most smokers might also know can happen to them. The things they might not know anything at all about is are the facts that it can reduce male sperm count and normalcy, reduce female fertility, cause skin wrinkles, early menopause in women, reduce male sex hormones, cause male impotence, contribute to cervix cancer in women, and osteoporosis. The list goes on and on and on. Smoking can affect the unborn baby in pregnant women, it can make it harder to get over colds or the flu. There is no end to the types of cancer you can have develop because of cigarette smoking.

The sad thing is that there is no certain time gage when you will develop disease from smoking. For some people it might be thirty years, for others it could be twenty or even ten. The longer you smoke, the more at risk you become. The good news is the sooner you quit, the better chance there is that your body will heal itself. If you wait until disease has already set in before you quit, you might have already waited to late to reverse any damage.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Jersey Politicians Give Slap In The Face To Public Health Care Officials

GAINESVILLE, Fla., Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- New Jersey politicians have kept in line with today's politicians and thrown out warnings by expert physicians and public health experts concerning the e cigarette, a new product that is creating quite a stir in the U.S. right now.

Letters, faxes and other forms of communications were used by top medical experts in the anti-smoking movement to defend the e cigarette from what one expert called "senseless regulations" and also claimed that the actions would put the public in general in a position to pay a terrible price.

The state Senate voted 38-0 Thursday to approve a bill to apply the provisions of the "New Jersey Smoke Free Air Act" to restrict the use of electronic smoking devices, commonly known as "e-cigarettes."The bill (S-3053) would expand the definition of "smoking" to include e-cigarettes and extend the ban on smoking by minors to include the use of e-cigarettes. It would define smoking as the burning or inhaling of tobacco or any other matter than can be smoked or inhaled, or the inhaling of smoke or vapor from an electronic smoking device.

Talk is already starting talks about lawsuits to counter the bill, because it could also enforce the non-use of asthma inhalers in public, and also for users of the e cigarette to be forced to share areas of second hand smoke and endangering their lives after they found an alternative that is deemed as "100 to 1,000 times safer" by public health officials from around the world, based on independent lab studies on the product."

Elected officials are using scare tactics to pass bans and protect the companies these products threaten financially, they use terms like "an ingredient found in anti-freeze" to describe propylene glycol, when it is an that ingredient is also found in the food supply and asthma inhalers that children use on a daily basis, "states Tiffany Ellis, Public Relations Director of E Cigarettes National. "It is about time the smokers fight back at the ballots and remove any politician that uses deceptive propaganda to pass bills and protect the lobbyist and the companies that fund their election campaigns. It is time they serve the people, not special interest.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

How Smoking Can Ruin Your Life

There are so many ways that smoking can completely ruin your life, it isn't funny. When you first start smoking cigarettes, it's about looking cool and being part of the gang, but when you get older and some of these things start to take effect, those are the last two things that you're going to be.

First of all, smoking does a lot of damage to your lungs. The smoke and chemicals in the cigarettes coat the inside of your lungs and turns them black. Some people may think that it's just a figure of speech, but look up some pictures of lungs that came from a smoker's body; they are truly black as soot when they're supposed to be pink and healthy.

Aside from your lungs, smoke also harms your teeth and causes them to turn a sickly yellow color that can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to have reversed. These are stains and are quite expensive to have treated.

After that, you have to worry about stinking all the time. The smoke from cigarettes floats around and ends up landing in your hair and sticking to your clothing. Removing the smell of smoke from your hair is easy, but removing it from your clothes completely may take a little more effort.

Other than personally stinking, you also have to worry about your home and your vehicle stinking. After years of smoking in your home and in your vehicle, the smoke settles into your upholstery and carpet the same way it does with your hair and clothing. Getting rid of the smoky smell from these two places will be even harder and more expensive, especially if you have to call in a professional to help you get it done. Not only that, but the smoke stains everything it touches and turns it a dirty yellow.

Ashes and cigarette butts are also everywhere and you run the risk of a toddler or a pet trying to eat them. Not many people are aware of this, but cigarette butts are toxic enough to put a baby in the hospital if they ingest only 2 or 3 of them. This is because they absorb the nicotine and other hazardous chemicals that tobacco manufacturers add to cigarettes to keep people using them.

If you really want to be cool and stay a part of the gang long term, quitting cigarettes is the best thing that you could do for your life.