Tuesday, December 11, 2007

SIDS Caused by Mold?

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) has been a worry on every new parent’s mind for a long time and its cause has been a mystery for just as long. Scientists all over the world claim that SIDS can happen to any infant, anywhere, any time, and there is absolutely nothing the parents can do to stop it. Most parents simply resign themselves to this and say that there is nothing that they can do to stop SIDS from occurring, but the fact is that a new study out of New Zealand claims to know the cause of it.

The answer lies within the crib the child sleeps in! The chemicals of arsenic, phosphorus, and antimony were first manufactured into crib mattresses back in the mid 1900’s and these chemicals are required by law to be in mattresses as a fire retardant. But, it is not just the mattress alone that causes the crib death, the study says. It is only when mold finds its way into the mattress that you begin to have a problem. When Scopulariopsis brevicaulis gets into one of these mattresses that has these chemicals in it, it begins to feed on them and releases them back into the air as toxic fumes or nerve gases. It is activated by heat and so when the baby sleeps on it (or especially when it has a fever), the mold begins to grow more quickly and lets the gases out into the air.

While the gas disperses almost immediately, it is still dangerous for infants to sleep on the mattresses because they are breathing too close to the surface of it. They are breathing these gases while they are still potent and this is what causes crib death.

So, what can you do? Do not use anything in the crib that contains these chemicals and wrap the mattress in plastic to keep these dangerous gases from escaping. It’s best to do this when the mattress is brand new so you know there isn’t any mold in it and if you have an old mattress that was given to you by friends or relatives to use, throw it away. There are special baby mattress wraps that you can use to wrap up your baby’s mattress, but are only available from New Zealand.

Also, use only materials such as 100% Egyptian cotton blankets for your baby to sleep on. Do not use sheepskin, polyester, anything that is quilted, padded, or filled, pillows or cushions. 100% cotton is the best thing to use.

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Please Help Me Find Some Dirt On Ron Paul. A Desperate Plea..

I just ran across a post where a guy from shoutwire that is desperately seeking some "Dirt" on Ron Paul. He seemed to be in a "panic" and needing a fix real quick. This is an actualy Quote from the post:

"Folks, I really need your help. We’ve got to find some dirt on Ron Paul and find it fast. The primaries are quickly approaching."

You can read the post here!
This opposition is all the way from Europe. Boy, we are getting some reach...

Now we know that there is a deep fear in the hearts of the opposition. It is good to know that Ron Paul is striking fear in the hearts of many and Love in the hearts of the multitudes.

Visit Ron Pauls Website to learn more about this man.

Daily News Losing Money

Looking at the Bogalusa Daily News falter is kind of heart breaking for me.

It has been there all of my life and i hate to see a company that has been around for such a long time lose money because they refuse to step into the future instead of remaining back in the early 90's.
You used to see a classified advertising section that was full of Jobs, Real Estate, and dozens of other catagories just in the classifieds. Now it is patheticaly empty.

the reason i refer to the classifieds is because a newspaper like the Bogalusa Daily News makes money from selling advertising and papers. We all know that the amount of papers they sell has dropped over the last 20 years, and their paid classifieds have went to the dogs.

Everyone knows that the timberlands advertiser has 200 to 1 ads compared to the daily news. the problem is that the Bogalusa Daily News has the ability to generate the lost ad revenue online if they would step into the present day and grow with the times.

Many Newspapers across the U.S. have paid a horrible price due to the internet taking away subscriptions and advertising dollars, but it really does not have to be that way for any of them.

With a little modern thought and some simple improvements, The Bogalusa Daily news could make their online presence a lot more profitable with little expense doing so.

First off, their site plain out sucks and it is not at all search engine friendly they have a powerfull enough site that if it was structured properly that they would and could rank for every term searched with "bogalusa, washington parish and franklinton" or any other location or event which would lead to thousands of new visitors a day. this would in turn give them the ability to charge for ad space on their sites and also help the local businesses with the needed exposure and additional business.

There are also some other ways to generate massive traffic to their site, and you may be amazed to hear that they could have thousands and thousands of unique visitors a day if they would wake up.

This Blog, from 20 minuets after it's first post Ever(creation of the blog) ranked on the first page of Google for "Bogalusa Daily News" and this can happen for any washington parish keyword if they would learn of the internet. Within 3 months, this blog will have 50 times the traffic that the bogalusa daily news will have, And i am a blogger for fun. They have great stories and content. they are just lacking knowledge of the Internet, and it is costing them THOUSANDS!

Bogalusa is dying, and with it the Bogalusa Daily News is leading the pack on the way to the grave because they refuse to step into today instead of living in the past.

There are now newspapers across the U.S. that are learning to use modern internet marketing standards to generate the "LOST" revenues of the past. Hopefully the Bogalusa Daily News will follow suit.

louisiana high speed internet service

It has come to my attention that Bogalusa as many other small towns has only one High Speed internet provider which is provided by Bellsouth. This is heart breaking because the population of washington parish has plenty of population to support High Speed internet services and that is why i did some research on the high speed internet services avalible in the area.

There are no other providers in the area but 1, and it has no ties to a phone line or Charter cable in Bogalusa or Franklinton. But it is a service that you can have anywhere in the parish and the cost is less than bellsouth and charter overall.

This service is provided by High Speed Satellite Internet. This company currently has a ZERO Cost Set up and you can be surfing at speeds out of this world in just a few days, and do not have to worry about the cable going out, or the phone service being out.

With speeds that are literaly "out of this world". This solution is the most reliable on the market, and you can have it operational on the river, in a field or in town.

It is about time that this service has become avalible at the same or lower cost than DSL and Cable providers .

The best thing is that location has nothing to do with avalibility.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Want To know Why The GOP And The Media Fear Ron Paul?

Here is a just released video of the meet up groups by Candidate running for President Of the united States Of America.

I think the video speaks for itself.

Lets Keep Ron Paul on the road strong. RON PAUL 2008

Local Politician Pushing Theft Of Private Property Through Emminent Domain

This is down right sickening. He called himself a theif and corrupt. It was even brought to his attention that to take land was only for PUBLIC use and not economic developement.

This guy need to be on CNN!

Hey cowards of the Media, Grab This.!

Over 200 years ago our forefathers fought the revolutionary war over taxation without representation. Now the landowners of Washington Parish face expropriation without representation by a gang of 7 appointed Commissioners who may decide our say with their pockets if this bill is passed.

Company Offers Free Websites to Persons and Business

Next Hour Site is now offering it's new program to the general public including Bogalusa and Washington Parish to any business or person that wants or needs a free website. This new system is so simple that anyone can actualy build a professional looking website with no history or training in this field.

This will be very valuable for anyone from the local tire store to the local real estate agent, or any other business. And the beauty is that there is no cost.

It is also a great way to have a family or personal website with a lot more options than myspace and facebook. You can place banners, links or anything else you want on your site. and there are no ads in the sites, so it is 100% yours.

You even get your own personal web address to post in myspace, forums or anywhere else you may want.

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Cloverfield: Perhaps the Best Kept Hollywood Secret

Everyone knows just how secretive film studios can be with their properties. They usually just release a still photo of filming, or a shot out of the movie and call it a teaser poster and then give a very vague description of the plot. Then, within four months of release time (perhaps even longer), they release a full length trailer and by then so many websites have spoiled the movie for everyone that people only see it to know whether or not it lives up to the hype.

In early 2007, J.J. Abrams, creator of the hit television program Alias, announced that he was working on a new movie. And that is all that was revealed. At the time it seemed like no big deal. Just a project that would probably be announced in a week or so. But, no announcement came. Here and there people were reporting that casting was underway for the new film. But no one knew what it was. There were no script leaks, plot speculations or anything. The only thing anyone was capable to find out, and even then it was heavily unconfirmed, was that a possible false title that it would film under was “Cloverfield”.

In the summer of that same year, in the previews of the movie “Transformers”, a very interesting movie trailer was shown before the beginning of the movie. The trailer consisted of an apartment party where a person is walking around with a video camera. Suddenly the very loud sound of an animal war is heard and the apartment begins to shake. The partygoers run outside and see a large explosion followed by part of the Statue of Liberty being thrown at the partygoers. From there the trailer ended with no title. Only the “Bad Robot” studio logo was present. The Cloverfield phenomenon was officially underway.

J.J. Abrams finally came forward and told that the movie would be a monster movie unlike anything the world has seen. When asked why he chose to work on a monster movie his response was that he had taken a trip to Japan and walked into a toy store with his son. He looked around the store and noticed that the majority of toys were Godzilla related. To which he added that he felt it was time that there was an American equivalent to Godzilla. Now, with less than three months until the much publicized release date, we know little more now then we did at the beginning. This has led many to wonder whether or not this is a healthy marketing campaign, seeing as how a large portion of the film’s awareness was spread through word of mouth. However, producers are confident that it is the same word of mouth that will make the movie a rousing success.

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Daily News Reports Of Smart Judge In Ruling

It is refreshing to hear that the Police trying to overstep their bounds are kept in check by a judge with common sense. Since 9-11 and the Patriot act, there have been many law enforcement agencies that have tried to peg U.S. citizens with "terrorism" charges , and may with success. But in a small town in south louisiana this was not to happen to a U.S. Citizen.

Even though the writeup from the local paper "The Bogalusa Daily News" was somewhat slanted and seemed to be a little upset that the defendant was not charged with terrorism. The system for once worked and the proper decision was made.

Although Bogalusa police charged Stogner with terrorizing, Judge Martin Coady dismissed the charge against Tommy Stogner on Sept. 9 in state district court in Franklinton. In return, Stogner, 53, pled guilty to two unrelated felony counts of criminal damage to property. He was sentenced to probation for five years and received a suspended two-year prison sentence.

Coady also ordered Stogner to stay on medication and attend mental health meetings.
"The court believes he is not a terrorist," Rick Wood, spokesman for the District Attorney's office, said. "These were just the writings of an unstable person," he said, adding the DA's office never accepted the terrorizing charge.

Stogner has a long mental illness record and even smeared feces all over his cell while in jail. It was quite obvious that he had medical issues and not terrorism issues!

Score 1 for the justice system. Although Bogalusa police charged Stogner with terrorizing, Judge Martin Coady dismissed the charge against Tommy Stogner on Sept. 9 in state district court in Franklinton. In return, Stogner, 53, pled guilty to two unrelated felony counts of criminal damage to property. He was sentenced to probation for five years and received a suspended two-year prison sentence. Coady also ordered Stogner to stay on medication and attend mental health meetings.
"The court believes he is not a terrorist," Rick Wood, spokesman for the District Attorney's office, said. "These were just the writings of an unstable person," he said, adding the DA's office never accepted the terrorizing charge.