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Every Home Will Need A Vaproizer Sooner Or Later

Every Home Will Need A Vaproizer Sooner Or Later

By: Rhonda Mitchel

Usually people think of the winter time as when they are most likely to get a bad cold or a case of the flu, but it is not always the case. You can come into contact with the cold bug or flu virus at any time of the year even though it is usually more prevalent during cold weather. This is because people are usually confined indoors more than usual and germs and viruses are more easily passed from one to another.When kids go to school and parents go to work, they are around others and bring these these things home with them.

In the closed quarters of the home when everyone in inside together so much of the time, if one family member has it, it can be very difficult to keep it from spreading to everyone else in the home. Once you get a good case of the flu going on with one family member or more, there is going to misery in the house.This is when a vaporizer and some menthol medicine can be very helpful. The mentho-lyptus used in a steam vaporizer has been proven to actually help in the healing process. It will also relieve stuffy sinuses and irritated respiratory tracts with its soothing smells. Vaporizers have been around for a pretty long while and have always been used to bring comfort to those suffering from a cold or the flu.

All you have to do is fill the vaporizer with water and the mentho-lyptus solution and let it heat up until it produces a steam. The steam penetrates the air in the room and makes every breath more comfortably.Using a vaporizer is also very good for those that suffer from certain allergies, bronchitis, and the croup that is common in infants and small children. If you suffer from any of these ailments or have children that do, you might wish to consult your family doctor to make sure that using a vaporizer is the right thing to do.

It is not always necessary to use steam in the vaporizer. Sometimes a cool mist will work just as well. This is where your doctor can advise you more appropriately. Always remember that if you are using a steam vaporizer to keep it well out of the reach of children. It can easily be knocked off even by an adult accidentally and the water they hold gets very hot. To avoid accidentally burning anyone, either use a cool mist or place it in a safe location.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are E Cigarettes As Addictive As Tobacco

What people should understand about using an electric cigarette is that it is not a device that is used to make you stop smoking at all or cure your nicotine addiction. The whole concept of the electric cigarette is that it is a device that will allow you to continue to feel like you are smoking and to give you the nicotine you want, but without some of the more harmful affects you get from smoking tobacco. Having said that, as long as you continue to use the electric cigarette, you will still be addicted to nicotine if you already are.

One of the interesting things about the e-cigarette is the fact that, just like tobacco cigarettes, you can get the nicotine filters in different strengths. They come in high, medium and low strengths. Many users will demote themselves from high, to medium, to low strength nicotine so they are slowly weaning themselves away from the nicotine. When you reach the lowest strength, you can switch to a filter that has no nicotine at all! This alone will help you break the addiction to the nicotine while you are still able to enjoy the act of holding the e-cigarette in your hand and putting it in your mouth.

The hand to mouth action is one of the strongest parts of a tobacco addiction. When you stop to think that many tobacco smokers have become accustomed to holding a cigarette in their hand and taking it in and out of their mouth twenty times a day or more, it is no wonder that this part of the addiction is so hard to break. You can wean yourself down to a lower strength of nicotine gradually and still feel like you are smoking. Eventually you might be able to be one of the ones who can learn to be satisfied with no nicotine at all as long as you can feel like you are still smoking.

Smoking cigarettes is a strange habit to say the least and it is difficult for most people to be able to give it up. The electric cigarette only offers a way for you to feel like you still smoke, but you do not get any toxic smoke. The vapor that you inhale is warm like tobacco smoke and tastes like tobacco if that is the flavor you prefer. Just keep in that mind that as long as you use a filter or e-liquid refill that has nicotine in it, you will still be addicted to it. However, some studies have shown that when using nicotine on its own and its not being combined with the chemicals, tar, and smoke of the tobacco, it appears that the nicotine itself might be less addictive. This is still being debated at this time.

Aydan Corkern is a writer for smoking issues, check out the artificial cigarette, and other stop smoking alternatives

What Is The Latest Buzz About The E-Cigarette

There has been some controversy surrounding electric cigarettes ever since they came on the market a while back. Almost everyone who is interested in them tries to keep up with what the latest facts are concerning production and marketing.

The interested parties are of course, usually tobacco smokers who either want to try the product or are already using the product. They have concerns about the safety of the product and whether or not the FDA is going to allow the devices to continue to be sold. Some of the questions are still unanswered definitively, but there is more information coming to light a little at a time.

Just recently the Governor of California vetoed a ban of electric cigarettes. This is encouraging news. The court case between the FDA and a couple of e-cigarette companies about holding up shipments has been heard and is now awaiting a decision.

So, it would seem that interested parties might have to wait just a little longer to see exactly what the FDA is going to do after the court decision has been reached in relation to the lawsuit. As to the safety of the electric cigarette product and the nicotine solution that is used with it, there does not appear to be any new evidence as of yet that the product is unsafe.

At the very least, it certainly is not nearly as unsafe as smoking tobacco and that is still legal and going strong as far as sales and and marketing of their products. The facts that are known about the e-cigarette are that you do not get any tar or toxic smoke from the product because there is no tobacco used or burned.

The next biggest issue to come up concerning health issues related to using the device is the fact that the nicotine liquid does have some chemical content. While some have tried to exaggerate the affects that these chemicals could have on someone physically, all of the chemicals that are used are currently used in other products besides the electric cigarette and are considered safe.

The nicotine liquid that is used do not have things like formaldehyde, ammonia, cyanide, benzene, or arsenic that can be found in tobacco products.So, what is the future of the e-cigarette? Hopefully it will be that the FDA will give its full approval very soon and those who are already using the product can continue to do so and those that wish to try the product can without worry of any controversy surrounding it. Most people, especially those who are using the product that used to smoke tobacco, believe that it is a great break through for anyone that enjoys the feel of smoking, but would like to not use tobacco.

Aydan Corkern is a writer for smoking issues, check out the cigarette filters, and other stop smoking patch

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes

If you smoke cigarettes you might have heard about the electric versions that are now available. They look, taste, feel, and deliver nicotine to your system just like a traditional cigarette. The good thing about E-cigarettes are that they do not have thousands of unnecessary chemicals in the nicotine solution. The nicotine filters that are used can be purchased in different strengths like ultra light, light, and full flavor just like tobacco cigarettes. Some distributors also have a selection of flavors like menthol, cherry, apple, etc. You do not light an electric cigarette, it works using a rechargeable battery. It emits no second hand smoke, only water vapor. It is non-carcinogenic. Many smokers are trying them and loving them. They will not leave a sticky tar residue in your home or car because they contain no tar.

If you are interested in buying an electric cigarette for your self, they are available on the Internet and there are a few different brands, but they all work basically the same way. There are some versions of the electric cigarette that might not be made with as much quality as others. You can buy a starter kit that will normally come with two rechargeable battery sticks, an atomizer that heats the nicotine liquid, a package of five filters, each filter being equivalent to one pack or twenty cigarettes, and an electric charger.

The cost of a starter kit can vary, but beware of very cheaply made and cheaper priced versions because you might not be as satisfied with the product. You can usually get a starter kit ranging in price from about one hundred dollars and on up. This might sound expensive, but when you consider that the replacement filters or the nicotine liquid which can be used to refill the filters are much cheaper in the end than tobacco cigarettes. The electric cigarette can be used over and over again, but there are some new disposable versions available.

When you order you electric cigarette, you can usually get it shipped to you within several days to a week. When you need new filters or if you choose to purchase the nicotine solution to refill the filters you already have, you simply go to your website and place your order on line and they are sent to you. Electric cigarettes are not intended to be used by anyone under eighteen years old and should not be used by pregnant women. The electronic cigarette is an alternative to traditional cigarettes and is not marketed as a device to help you stop smoking. The real advantages of the electric cigarette is that it is much more convenient to use. It is cheaper to use. There is finally a better way for smokers to enjoy smoking.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Simulated Cigarette By Simply Quit!

Simulated Cigarette By Simply Quit!

Simply Quit simulated cigarette gives you something to puff on instead of real cigarettes. Contains no drugs, no nicotine, but has simulated

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Sure, you have an addiction to nicotine. But what about the addiction to holding something in your hand, the hand-to-mouth motion, and puffing on a cigarette?
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tobacco Use And Vaporizers

One of the things that takes all of the enjoyment out of smoking tobacco is the fact that people become addicted to it. They really no longer to do it just because they want to, they do it because they have to. With it being so easy to pull one cigarette after another out of a package and hurriedly puff it all up, it becomes a routine that they do twenty times a day or more. No wonder it loses some of its appeal after such a short time.

The health issues related to smoking tobacco cigarettes are not that enjoyable either. After someone has been smoking cigarettes for several years, they will slowly but surely begin to notice the subtle changes in their body. Many smokers develop a cough that will stay with them for as long as they continue to smoke and many times even after they have quit and this is just a forerunner for the many illnesses and diseases that they can develop. They will have less stamina and energy. The longer they continue to smoke cigarettes, the faster their body will age in comparison to non-smokers.

If you could find a way to make using tobacco enjoyable again and find a way to do it in a less harmful manner, would you try it? That is exactly what many people are doing with a tobacco vaporizer. These devices are designed to use a smaller amount of tobacco ground much finer than in cigarettes. It is placed in a small holding chamber and heated until the tobacco begins to form a vapor or mist. The vapor is less harmful because the tobacco is not burned and the vapor is not smoke. Unlike the toxic smoke you get when you burn tobacco, the vapor is non-carcinogenic and the tar and toxins are virtually non-existent.

There are all sizes, shapes, and styles of tobacco vaporizers available on the Internet. There are some that are digital which makes it easier to heat your tobacco to just the precise temperature to vaporize it.

You will want to figure out which variety will best suit your needs and this should no be too difficult. The vaporizing process is a slower paced experience and you might actually end up smoking less. You still get the same nicotine satisfaction that you crave, but you can do without the more harmful elements that bother you so much and reduces the the amount of pleasure you get from using tobacco in the first place.

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