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Oil and Gas Drilling Jobs - Joining the Oil and Gas Industry

Which of these oil and gas drilling jobs would you do? Do you want to be a driller who is in charge of boring the holes? Do you want to be one of the roughnecks who help the driller with the operation of the drilling machines? Whatever your choice, there may still be a job for you in this global industry.

First, here is an overview of the oil and gas industry. The crude oil industry is involved in the exploration, extraction, output and selling of oil products. Crude oil, or petroleum, may be classified as a fossil fuel since it is believed to have been formed from the fossilized remains of dead plant life and other creatures. After millions of years of heat and pressure these materials formed oil reservoirs that are located all over the world.

The modern world runs for the most part on petroleum and its products. It is used in the production of a large number of chemical products, various plastics and fuels. The various operations of this industry may be parted into 3 sections.

Section #1: Oil exploration, production and development.

Section #2: Transportation of oil via oil tankers and pipelines.

Section #3: Marketing and selling oil products to consumers.

Next we may take a look at a few oil and gas drilling jobs. Drillers are in charge of controlling the drilling gear and they are responsible for drilling the holes. Mud engineers are in charge of the fluids being used for drilling. They need to have a solid knowledge of chemistry as well as drilling routines. Roughnecks help with the operation of the drilling equipment as instructed by the driller. A tool pusher is usually an expert driller who works in the oil rig offices and on the rig floor.

Oil and gas drilling jobs are not for the lazy or the weak. You need physical strength and mental stamina as well as the willingness to work in remote places. Oil production jobs are often dirty, greasy and somewhat risky. However, they do pay well and oil companies can take good care of their employees.

There are thousands of job vacancies in the oil industry! Do you know where to start? How to get a job on an offshore oil rig.

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List of Popular Jobs For Teens Under 16 Years of Age

Teens need more money nowadays because of the rising prices of their wants and needs especially when it comes to clothes and technology. Technology now is being developed non stop and is getting more and more high tech each and everyday. Teenagers now are more tech-savvy then their parents. In fact, most teens now don't even ask for pocket money from their parents anymore because they know how to earn money through online jobs. There are several job opportunities online for teens under 16 years old.

Some online jobs for teens under 16 years old:

1. designing a web page
2. key word articles
3. paid surveys
4. proof reading
5. selling novelty items
6. blog marketing
7. pay-to-click
8. pay-per-click
9. typing jobs
10. accounting jobs

Though some of the jobs listed above require certain knowledge (i.e. web designing requires knowledge in html, JavaScript, or css), most of them require no work experience at all. The good thing about these online jobs for teens is that they can work in the comfort of their own houses without meeting any requirements like dress code and deadlines. Teens can work in their own time and in their own environment. This is probably one of the reasons why online jobs are so popular with teenagers. The jobs offered are simple and not time consuming. Some of the jobs can be done in a matter of minutes; another reason why teenagers accept online jobs during their free time. They earn money and they still have time to do whatever activities they wish to pursue before school opens once more.

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