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Nashville E-Cigarettes

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Not only do we carry the kits and disposables, but we carry the refill cartridges and e-liquid, too, for the top selling e-cigarette brands in the UK. You'll be much happier with your e-cigarette than you ever were with a tobacco cigarette because of all the benefits that come with using them as a smoking alternative.

E-cigarettes do not cause yellow stains to the fingers or to the teeth. Also they will not cause the gum's to move away from the teeth. Your brain cells will not become damaged nor will your throat. E-cigarettes create water vapor not smoke and they give you nicotine and no dangerous problems to your health.

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Smoking Everywhere E Cigarette Starter Kit - GOLD 3.0

Smoking Everywhere E-Cigarette Starter Kit - GOLD 3.0

Gamucci E Cigarette Micro Starter Kit

Gamucci Micro Starter Kit

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Gamucci Classic Starter Kit

Gamucci Classic Starter Kit

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SS Choice No. 7 Classic Starter Kit

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SS Choice No. 7 Micro Starter Kit


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SS Choice No. 7 Stealth Micro Starter Kit


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Can You Become An Ex Tobacco User With An E Cigarette

The majority of tobacco smokers have long wished that there was a better way to get the nicotine they crave so much. By now most tobacco users are aware that what causes the diseases and illnesses related to smoking is because of the the toxic smoke, tar residue, and chemicals that you get from cigarettes.

The nicotine itself, while not really good for anyone, appears to have little to do with smoking related problems on its own. While nicotine is known to be addictive, some researchers have suggested that nicotine appears to be less addictive when not combined with tobacco, tar, smoke, and chemicals associated with it. No one suggests that having a nicotine addiction is good for anyone, but if you want it, you want to get it in the best way possible.

Those who have already tried and are continuing to use an e-cigarette have found that it is a much cleaner way to get the nicotine they want. There is no toxic smoke because there is no tobacco to be burned when using this device. There is a filter that is filled with a nicotine solution. This solution is made up of water, nicotine, flavorings, and some chemical content necessary to deliver the nicotine to the user. The chemicals that are involved in the making of the nicotine liquid are substances that are used in many products that we already purchase and use everyday.

A very few of those that manufacture and sell electronic cigarettes have misrepresented themselves by saying that the electric cigarette will make you stop smoking. While the part about not smoking tobacco can be true if you switch completely to the e-cigarette, the part about curing you of your nicotine addiction is not. You can stop using tobacco if you use an e-cigarette as a replacement , but it will not cure your nicotine addiction, obviously because you are still getting it. The e-cigarette was simply designed to be an alternative for any smoker who wants to get their nicotine in a better way.

You will also not get the smoke and tar associated with tobacco use. You will inhale a nicotine vapor that tastes and feels remarkably like inhaling tobacco smoke. There is no odor from the vapor and many researcher s believe that is is safe to use around others, but studies are still being conducted to prove this beyond any doubt. What you will find when using the electronic cigarette is that you do not miss the stinky tobacco smell, the tar that coated your lungs, or the high costs of tobacco.

Why The E Cigarette Vapor Is Different Than Tobacco Smoke

Everyone knows how bad tobacco smoke is for you. It has been proven time and time again to be toxic. This is not only because of the smoke itself and the tobacco tar it contains, but the many chemicals that are used in tobacco cigarette production from start to finish. No one likes the way it smells or the way it leaves brown and yellow tar residue stains on things, not even smokers themselves enjoy these things. When you use an electronic cigarette as a replacement for tobacco cigarettes, smoke is just one thing you no longer have to worry about.

Electronic cigarettes give off a vapor, not real smoke. In fact, the e-cigarette does not even give off a vapor unless the user begins to inhale on it the same way they would a traditional cigarette. Only then is the vapor produced and released when the user exhales. This means there is no annoying smoke to deal with unless you inhale and then it is vapor that dissipates very quickly. Once you exhale, the vapor disappears almost instantly. Tobacco smoke is not only annoying to those who happen to be around a smoker, but it is usually just as annoying to the smoker. It gets in their eyes and the smell is something that no one enjoys.

Another great aspect about the e-cigarette vapor is that is does not smell. You can use one anywhere you are allowed to and you never have to worry about reeking of stale tobacco. Besides that, there are no ashes or butts to dispose of. One nicotine filter for an e-cigarette will last an average one pack a day smoker all day long, as will one fully charged battery stick. This makes using the e-cigarette so convenient for the user. There are no lighters or matches to worry with. You just assemble your electric cigarette in the morning and go. Put it in your pocket or purse and take it in and out as you wish to use it.

The vapor from the device will not stain your teeth, your home, your clothes, or your car. You never have to worry about dropping it on furniture or yourself because it will not burn anything. The e-cigarette does not even get hot. The only thing that is warmed is the nicotine liquid in the filter. That is what makes it feel like real smoke and the flavorings that are added makes it have that tobacco flavor. Most e-cigarette users never miss the annoying things about tobacco because they get what they really want, something that looks like a cigarette in their hand and the nicotine they crave.

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E Cigs- The Clean Smoking Machine

That is just about what you might be inspired to call the new electronic cigarette. It provides the user with a much cleaner and better way to get the nicotine they want without all a lot of the mess and fuss of smoking tobacco cigarettes. There are no lighters or matches involved because there is no tobacco to be burned. There are no ashes or nasty butts to throw away because you can reuse them. The plastic e cigarette cartridges can be refilled if so desired for several times before you need to dispose of them and even then they can be recycled.

What is really cleaner about the e-cigarette is the fact that it does not produce real smoke. It uses a rechargeable battery stick and a tiny heating element called an atomizer to heat the nicotine liquid inside the filter portion of the device. This creates the vapor that the user then inhales. The device never creates a vapor unless the user puffs on it and when they exhale the excess it disappears so quickly you hardly even have time to see it at all before it is gone.

Many people think that a person is still smoking when they use the e cigarette because it looks so similar to a real cigarette in a lot of cases, even thought there are different styles of the device available. You can purchase some that likes like a fancy ink pen, some look like a sleek ,black artificial cigarette and others look like a traditional cigarette with a white body and brown filter. You can be a discreet with your e cigarette or as flamboyant as you like while using yours.

One thing is for sure, you are a lot less likely to have others complain about your using this device around them because of the fact that there is no real stinky tobacco smoke to deal with and smell. Most non smokers find the odor of tobacco smoke very repulsive and do not like to have it burning or anyone blowing it out anywhere near them. You can not blame them really because unless you are the one smoking the tobacco, it does smell pretty bad.

Most of the people that are now using e-cigarettes really appreciate themselves that they no longer have to deal with the odor and the smoke residue wither. They do not have to worry about the vapor making them, their home or their car smell bad either. They no longer have to worry about that sticky, brown tar residue building up on everything around them and including their own lungs.

Can Using An E Cigarette Instead Of Tobacco Make Your Food Taste Better?

You can ask anyone that smoked tobacco of any kind for years and then quit and they will likely tell you that their food suddenly began to taste amazing again. The old myth you might have always heard about losing the taste of food when you smoke is entirely true and it is just one of the many other bad things about smoking tobacco. When your mouth and tongue are constantly coated with the tar and smoke residue of tobacco, it dulls your taste buds and food can taste lack luster and plain. This could be one reason that smokers also tend to use more salt and other spices.

There is another myth going around these days concerning the electronic cigarette. Many of the people that used to smoke tobacco and then converted to using the e cigarette are reporting that their food is also tasting a lot better. It might be the fact that there is no tobacco used in the electronic cigarette at all and if it does leave any residue in the mouth it evidently does not hinder your taste buds nearly so much as tobacco smoking.

Aside from helping your food taste better again, e cigarette users also have improvement with the way they smell. Perhaps not with their scent abilities, but with the odor they tend to always have about them when they smoked tobacco. The e cigarette produces no foul odor like tobacco smoke does so the electric cigarette user will not smell like it. The smell of tobacco no longer permeates their body, clothes, hair, breath, home or vehicle. This is a great thing for a former tobacco smoker who always worried if their smell was offensive to others. Now they can use their e cigarette anywhere and how ever often they like with no worry about odor.

The sense of taste and the way you will not smell are both great selling points for the e cigarette , but even those two things are not the main reasons people are buying them. They love the fact they are not having to burn tobacco any longer to be able to get the nicotine they want. They do not have to inhale toxic smoke combined with thousands of chemicals, many of them deadly, and the tar that forms from burning the tobacco either, and most do not care for cigarette filters that are currently on the market. These are the real selling points for the e cigarette. They also find the product cheaper and a lot more convenient to use than smoking tobacco as well.

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E Cigarette Users Love The Electronic Cigarette

It is no secret that many of the people who have tried an electronic cigarette were very skeptical in the beginning. Most of the people that have purchased one are people that have wanted to stop smoking tobacco, but were not been able to find a way to quit. When they found the e-cigarette, they discovered they could still get the nicotine, which is the only part of tobacco they really wanted in the first place, and they could get it without the tar and the the many deadly chemicals and toxic smoke. It might not have made them reach their target goal of not inhaling anything, but it has helped many to switch to better way of getting the nicotine they want.

Of course, as with any product that people try there are going to be at least a few who do not like it, but with the electric cigarette, so far it seems that the majority of those that try one, like it very well and are continuing to use it. It is somewhat different than smoking tobacco even though the hand to mouth action is the same.

This is one of the drawing cards for smokers too, they still had a craving to hold something in their hand and put something in their mouth. This is something that they could never get with any other nicotine product. It must be said that even though the e-cigarette is not marketed as a stop smoking device, most users have been satisfied with the fact that they can continue to get the nicotine without feeling the pressure to stop using it if they do not wish to.

Most users are accustomed to the subtle differences between the elctronic cigarette and the a tobacco cigarette within a few days to a week. Most users also find that the product is more convenient to use as well because they do not have to light it up and burn it the way they did tobacco. They do not have to worry about the vapor bothering others in their home or car because it disappears so quickly and it odorless. It is also thought by many researchers to be safer to be around than tobacco smoke as well.

Overall , the majority of e-cigarette users have been satisfied with the experience of using one. It is the absolute closest you can get to smoking a real tobacco cigarette without smoking any tobacco at all. If you are one of the millions of tobacco smokers that would like a better way to get your nicotine, perhaps you should give the e-cigarette and try and see for yourself what all of the fuss is about. You just might like it enough to use one from now on.

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Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes And The Workplace Of Today

By : Jenna Anderson

For as long as many of you can remember, smoking has always been allowed no matter where you might work. A place to smoke has almost always been provided for smokers so they would have a place to go and take their smoke breaks. Smoking might not have always been allowed inside the work building itself, but at least there would be an area outside where smoking would be tolerated.

Since there have been so many new laws made concerning smoking cigarette and other tobacco products in public, the workplace has also been going through some smoking transformations that many smokers are up in arms about. The smoke break while you are at work could be becoming a thing of the past. Not only is smoking itself while at work becoming a thing of the past, but many employers are beginning to rethink whether they will even hire anyone that does smoke.

This is what has a lot of smokers outraged because they believe it is a form of discrimination and actually it can be considered to be. What you have to do is to look at it from both sides of the coin so to speak. From the view point of an employer, when they hire someone that smokes cigarettes, it is thought that that employee might be more prone to certain illnesses because they do smoke. This could mean more sick days and less productivity for that employee.

This is a real concern for them. Also smoking has been known to interfere with the work day because many smoking employees will sneak around to smoke when they are supposed to be working. Not that all smoking employees will do this, but sometimes the addiction can be so strong for some that they simply can not hardly help themselves. Now, looking at the situation from the point of view of the smoker, they might think that just because they smoke does not necessarily they are at a greater risk for illness or disease than some others. Many people will drink too much alcohol, and even thought they probably do not do it at work it can still affect their health and their productivity.

It is no secret that when you over indulge in alcohol, you will usually feel bad the next day and be perhaps more sluggish and less productive than normal. Drinking too much alcohol definitely can cause illnesses as well like liver disease and stomach issues. Smokers will also say that even those who have bad diets can pose just as many problems for an employer.

Those who indulge in high cholesterol and fatty diets are also prone to illness and disease. People that do not exercise enough could be a problem. Those that have a naturally low immune system could be less productive. There are many people with many different circumstances and situations that could be just as bad as employing someone who smokes and you have to admit the smokers really do have a point. Once you start discriminating against someone that does one thing, where will it end?

Author Resource:- Jenna Anderson is a writer and you can visit her sites at e cigarettes and e-cigarette starter kits.

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The Dangers That Volcanoes Pose

The Dangers That Volcanoes Pose

From the dawn of man, natural disasters have occurred at any given moment. Often times they come without warning and sometimes they do, but the results are always the same: death, devastation, sorrow, hunger, and sometimes even hope for a new tomorrow. In the United States, natural events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes are very common while other parts of the world do not ever experience tornadoes or hurricanes. Likewise, none of the states in the US, with the exception of Hawaii, has to witness and experience the turmoil brought about by volcanic activity.

Volcanoes may be a beautiful sight to behold but they are dangerous and can often turn deadly. There is usually some time for inhabitants to evacuate the area where the volcano will erupt but often times it is not always the case. Sometimes it erupts in the middle of the night and dawns upon unsuspecting victims, taking lives in an instant. Then there are times when inhabitants are unscathed and the only things that are damaged are their homes. Sometimes the volcano will only take but a few lives and other times it will take thousands upon thousands of lives.

In Tambora, Indonesia in the year 1815, a recorded 92,000 deaths were the result of a volcano that erupted. Because the lava scorched crops and killed livestock and other animals, the result was devastating and ended in starvation. Some 14,300 deaths were recorded in Unzen, Japan in 1792 as a result of a volcano collapsing, thus causing a tsunami. In Lamington, Papua New Guinea, approximately 2942 people were killed in 1951 as a result of the flowing ash. Events like this serve as reminders of how quickly a life can be taken away.

It is important for all residents that live in or around volcanoes to be aware of activity and to be prepared. The difference between being prepared and not caring about any potential eruptions can very well mean the difference between life and death. Any residents that live around volcanoes should have an emergency evacuation plan. Whenever a volcano is about to erupt, the area should be evacuated immediately and when a volcano is in full swing, residents should seek higher ground if unable to evacuate the area immediately. In a few instances, people have perished because they did not take heed to warnings and did not seek higher ground or evacuate when they were supposed to.
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e-cigarettes and e cigarette.

Should You Buy A Disposable E Cig First

Disposable electric cigarettes are not really sold to be used all of the time. Of course, you could only use the disposables if you chose too, but they are more expensive. Most of the time people will purpose a disposable e-cigarette for the sole purpose of trying them before they invest money into a starter kit.

The starter kits are much more economical to buy. What many people do not realize that many companies offer satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. This way you can go ahead and get the best deal with a starter kit and if you do not like it, send it back a get a full reimbursement. So, why not go ahead and order you electric cigarette starter kit today? You would have ample time to try it out and decide whether or not you like it. You e-cigarette kit will come with everything you will need to use it. It comes with a package of five nicotine filters.

If you are used to smoking about a pack of tobacco cigarettes a day, these filters should last you about five days because each filter is almost equivalent to one pack of traditional cigarettes. In your kit you will also get two battery sticks and a plug-in charger. Both batteries should be charged when you receive them. When you use up the charge on the first battery, place it on the charger and use the second one. You will just continue to switch the batteries in and out on the charger as their charges run down.

Eventually you will likely need to replace one or both of your battery sticks so at some point you will likely want to order an extra one to keep on hand just in case this happens. How long your battery sticks will last usually depends on how much you use them and recharge them. If you receive a defective battery stick, call your supplier or email them and have a replacement sent. You will likely have to send the defective battery back.

The atomizer is the tiny metal object that sits between the battery stick and the nicotine filter. This is what heats the air your draw into the e-cigarette and in turn heats the nicotine liquid. The atomizer is included in your kit. If you purchase a bottle nicotine liquid to refill your nicotine cartridges, and yes, you can do that, place one drop of liquid on the end of the atomizer. This will help prolong its life by keeping it from drying out. If you atomizer stops working, you will need a new one.

This is also an extra part you might want to keep on hand so that you e-cigarette use will not be interrupted while you wait on a new one to arrive. As with the battery sticks, the life of an atomizer generally depends on how often you use the device. If you wish to try a disposable e-cigarette for a few days, go ahead, but if you want to start out with the most convenient method and the most economical method, go ahead and get a starter kit and if you are not satisfied, send it back. Most people who try the electric cigarette for a t least a few days really enjoy the benefits of using one.

Author Resource:- Aydan Corkern is a writer for smoking issues, check out the artificial cigarette, and other stop smoking alternatives

Selling Smoking And Tobacco Products Banned in San Francisco Pharmacies

Selling Smoking And Tobacco Products Banned in San Francisco Pharmacies

Author: Aydan Corkern

Some big name pharmacies in San Francisco are upset because of a new law in town that prohibits them from selling tobacco. They probably know that this will mean their customers who come in for other items besides prescriptions and over the counter medicines will go elsewhere to get their tobacco. They think it is an unfair law, but the city says that a pharmacy is no place to be selling a product like tobacco when their business is supposedly mainly to provide health products.

I guess it could be a debatable point for them because other famous department stores, and we will not mention any names, also have pharmacies in their stores and will this law mean that they are no longer allowed to sell tobacco products as well? It would seem unfair to not allow one store that contains a pharmacy and sells a multitude of other items as well to be prohibited from tobacco sales when other larger stores also with pharmacies are left alone to continue their tobacco sales.

It is said that the law will still allow grocery stores to sell tobacco products because they are not primarily promoting health products even though they sell them too and some grocery stores also have pharmacies. Although no one wants to promote the use of tobacco, since it is not illegal, except for those under the age of eighteen, why are they making it against the law for some stores to sell and not all of them, especially when some of the stores are so similar in what they are selling overall?

This might be a case where there are actions taken to have the law reversed or it could be expanded to include other businesses as well. It appears to be similar to the laws in some places concerning the sale of alcohol. Some restaurants are allowed to and some are not. Some stores are allowed to and some are not. There must be at least some profit in selling alcohol and tobacco or so many places would not want to participate in selling it in the first place. The question is exactly who are the people in charge of determining which businesses get to sell alcohol and tobacco and which businesses do not.

The country is supposed to be based on equality and it is hard to see where the equality is when discriminatory decisions like these are being made that exclude some businesses and willingly include others. It is not certain whether this law will go unchallenged or not.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Judge The E Cigarette Fairly For Once

So many people that are against the sales of electronic cigarette are usually not even smokers themselves. It also has to be understood how many of these people work for or are associated with companies tied to the tobacco industry or the pharmaceutical industry who are being directly affected by the current sales of e cigarettes and their potential to become an even more popular product. It seems to be fine that those who manufacture and sell nicotine patches, gum and inhalers can distribute products that contain nicotine and show a relatively low success rate for those that have used the products to quit. People buy these products expecting a miracle to help them stop smoking, but the vast majority of them do not end up quitting and there are studies that back this up.

So, what happens when people by the thousands and thousands buy these stop smoking products that have nicotine in them and do not end up quitting smoking? Why, the companies that make them makes tons of money and the users have still been exposed to the nicotine in the products, but still end up going back to smoking tobacco anyway. Of course, anyone with any sense at all can understand why the tobacco companies would be totally against a product that they are not manufacturing that does not contain tobacco because if all smokers switched to electronic cigarettes, it would tremendously cut into their sales. Can you begin to understand why so many of these people would be against the e cigarette? It is not hard to figure out.

The few tests that have been conducted by the FDA have only shown a few problems with only a couple of brands and out of those brands only one or two showed anything bad. Even the bad that was found in one or two of the e-cigarettes tested was nothing that is not already found in tobacco, but you were not told that part of the equation. Once again, this test only showed one or two small issues out of a couple of brands. Of course, we were also not told of all of the bad things they did not find in the e cigarette that can be found in tobacco. Why did they not conduct a much broader test of e cigarettes so they could make a more in depth study? They would probably have been able to report that in the electric cigarette nicotine liquid there were no traces of arson, benzene, formaldehyde, cyanide or many of the other deadly chemicals found in tobacco. Why were people not told these very important facts as well? It might have made the e cigarette look too good.

They might have also at the same time conducted a new and more honest study of the percentage of smokers that use the nicotine patches, gum, inhalers and stop smoking pills, which have several potentially deadly side affects by the way, to show how unhelpful these products really have been to the millions of people that have bought and paid for them for weeks at a time and were totally disappointed with their results. You would be astounded to know how low the success rate actually is for these products. Yet these products are still legal to be sold as viable stop smoking aids ands tobacco of course is not likely to ever be outlawed.

The truth about the electronic cigarette is that it is not marketed at a stop smoking aid, but as an alternative to smoking tobacco. So, if tobacco can still be sold to those addicted to nicotine, why can people not choose the electric cigarette instead as their preferred way to get nicotine? If the nicotine patches, gum, inhalers and stop smoking pills do not work very well at all and are still legal to be sold and are not that effective in helping most people quit anyway, why can a person not choose to use and continue to use an electric cigarette if they want to? You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why some special interests groups would love to see the electric cigarette disappear all together.

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Simplify Your Life And Health With E Cigarettes

There are lots of reasons to get rid of tobacco and opt for the new alternative.

There are so many things that a smoker gets from using real cigarettes that if you were using an e-cigarette, all or most of these things would no longer be a concern. With that one cigarette, you send over 4,000 different chemicals into your body and this happens each time you light up. So if you smoke even a couple, you can see what they are doing to your body. Most of these chemicals you might not have ever heard of but know this: they are all dangerous. If you start using that e-cigarette you ordered, you will no longer be sending these dangerous chemicals to you or those around you.

As that cigarette you smoke is not good for you and is also bad for the people around you, this is why so many of you are looking for solutions to the problem of quitting. Most of you have tried those other devices on the market only to become so upset, stressed out, or depressed, and you realized that they do not work for you that you go back to the cigarettes. This happens to most of you and with this e-cigarette, you might find that these problems are not there. This device is just like the real cigarette with a lot of differences. There are several as this device is not a cigarette.

You do not use any matches or lighters with this. You will no longer have to use those breath mints or even those room air fresheners and will not have to have those smelly ones you have in your cars now. You will no longer have to worry about having that build-up of smoke in your homes or even your cars. All of those dirty nasty ashtrays you can get rid of, even the ones you have outdoors. You will even be helping to clean the air you and your family breathes. All of this is because you will no longer be smoking a real cigarette. All of your friends and even co-workers will be safe around you.

The really nice thing about this e-cigarette is the fact that it will help you get away from all the nasty things associated with smoking while letting you still receive the pleasures from doing so. You will have to be careful with the using of this device as you do with anything. But the main reason for it is to get you away from the tobacco products.

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