Friday, January 29, 2010

Firelight Electronic Cigarette Sales Explode After Federal Judges Decision

Thousands of smokers who were waiting for a ruling have now made the jump to the new electronic cigarette.

The Firelight Electronic Cigarette by E Cigarettes National has been flying off of the shelves over the last week, likely due to a recent decision by a federal judge that blocked the FDA from stopping shipments of the new alternative to tobacco that is making waves across the US and around the world.

“I did not want to make the investment in them and then have them banned, and no way to get the refills for them” states Judy Durhan of Tennessee, “so I waited for the ruling to make sure I was not wasting my hard earned money to turn around and lose it. Thank God this federal judge made the decision in e-cigarettes favor.”

According to Tiffany Ellis of E Cigarettes National, this is a common story they get from customers that have been on the fence over the electronic cigarettes legal issues. “We believe that now we can sell our product in peace while the remainder of the process is completed in a court of law, and we also believe that the e-cigarette, like our firelight e cigarette kits, will continue to be sold to the public as a tobacco product or tobacco alternative. Our brand has seen a considerable jump in sales, and we expect this trend to continue as more and more smokers make the switch and more people learn about them.”

Another reason E Cigarettes National may be seeing an increase in sales is the popular Firelight series of e cigarettes that add many extras at a much lower price point than most of the competitors online and at retail locations across the US. With this kit being just under 50 dollars, this may be a determining factor in the sudden increase in the sites popularity.

Electronic Cigarettes With More Options For Less Money

Since the recent ruling of a federal judge protecting imports of the e cigarette, E Cigarettes National is offering more options at a much lower price point.

The news is spreading and smokers are flocking to one of the best electronic cigarette kits on the market because of many options and low prices that other e cigarette companies just can not seem to compete with.

E Cigarettes National's new Firelight e cigarette starter kit “smokes” the competition with more for a much lower price point and a plethora of extras that no other name brand kit on the market has for smokers.

This electronic cigarette starter kit comes with not just one atomizer, but rather two atomizers, unlike the other companies that are priced much higher. This kit comes loaded to the rim with a lot more also. It also boast of a car charger, home charger and the ever popular USB charger, but they are not done yet. Their two battery-two atomizer kit also comes with 10 refill cartridges where other companies only supply 5 with their starter kits.

“The deal even gets better” states Tiffany Ellis of E Cigarettes National, “We are cheaper for the refills also, because we sell packs of 10 replacement cartridges for less than other e cigarette companies charge for five replacement cartridges, so we are in effect, cutting your cost in half on the replacements, and that does not count the huge discount on the starter kits that beat the “other” companies by as much as 30 to 80 bucks.”

This low cost kit is now gaining quite a reputation for the most vapor on the market by any e cigarette that is backed by a legitimate company, and with their starter kits cost of just under 50 bucks with all of these extras,and a company with 5 star customer service, it looks like E Cigarettes National has all the right parts to make the other e cigarette companies sweat with envy.