Monday, May 5, 2008

Bogalusa High School

What a pathetic place Bogalusa high school has become. Over the years I have watched this entire town just disintegrate into a pit of drug abuse and common trash.

With corrupt politics, just like everywhere else, this small town is feeling the sting of its political corruption all the way down to this once powerhouse high school. There was a time when the "Lumberjacks Ruled" in both the education and sports fields. Now they rank at the bottom of a state that is already below average across America.

What happened to this once wonderful school? My opinion is that there has been a trickle down effect within the leadership of the school system and the bogalusa school board.

But we can not just blame them, since they are just a product of their enjoyment. I mean, with rumors of the Bogalusa P.D. covering up crimes for the politicaly connected . What do you expect the other leaders in the community to do?

When you have a Mayor (no longer in office) that thought that it was "OK" to take peoples property for private companies to move in and build on (yes, the video is on this blog).

If the people of Bogalusa want's to again have a high school that put's out a good education, and good teams, and great people, then you need to clean up the mess you allowed to happen by taking control of your town from the corruption from the TOP down, not the bottom up. This will never work.

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