Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tobacco Kills- Electronic Cigarettes Don’t

Cigarettes contain over 4000 chemicals that are hazardous to your health. There are harmful poisons in tobacco cigarettes that are harmful to your well being. A new invention that has been called the safe cigarette or the electric cigarette contains none of these harmful or poisonous chemicals. The electronic cigarette is environment-friendly. Tobacco has been proven to cause lung cancer and other lung related diseases to smokers. Over 29,000 people die a year from deadly lung disease cause by tobacco smoking and about 43,000 from tobacco related illnesses. Electronic cigarettes are safe, cleaner and harmless.

Electronic cigarettes can contain nicotine but the cartridges used with the electronic cigarette are also available in none. Tobacco contains tar and many unhealthy chemicals. The smoker can choose the nicotine level. The great thing about electronic cigarettes is that it tastes, feels and looks exactly like a regular cigarette but offers much more. There is no harmful combustion from tobacco. After using the e cig for 7 days, your sense of smell and taste will improve. The body begins to cleanse and repair itself and your lungs will feel better. You are no longer inhaling the toxic smoke but a water vapor.

The water vapor that looks like smoke is harmless. It does not have an odor and does not affect the people around you. There is no carbon monoxide in electronic cigarettes, which can make you feel sluggish. Tobacco can stop the flow of blood and raise blood pressure. Electronic cigarettes allow your body to function normally and safely.

As stated earlier, the electronic cigarette does contain nicotine. Nicotine is very addictive but it is more harmful when mixed with tobacco. This makes smoking risky for pregnant women, people with heart conditions and other illnesses. It is advised that you seek medical advice before using any nicotine products. You can still enjoy smoking without nicotine with the electronic cigarette.

Smoking can be enjoyed everywhere with the electronic cigarette and you can be healthier. Second-hand smoke is deadlier than first-hand smoke. The electronic cigarette does not pose a threat or harm to anyone. The electronic cigarette is the better way to smoke and become healthier if you still choose to smoke. There is no better choice to becoming safer than the electronic cigarette or unless you choose to quit smoking. The electronic cigarette can be a useful aid in stopping smoking also.


Goog said...

Over 4000 hazardous chemicals in traditional cigarettes! Electronic vaping is harmless, it contains few percentage of nicotine juice and over 95% of water, so you make the decision?

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I have been a chain smoker since I was a teen. My doctor told me that I should quit smoking for my lungs are weak. But it was not so easy. So some of my friends introduce e-cigarette to me and so I tried it. The taste is really the same just like your smoking a real cigarette. e-cigarette let's you smoke without compromising your health.

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