Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Is Water On The Knee

If you have it, you will probably know it, if you have not, rest assured, you do not want to get it. Water on the knee is a condition where an individual has fluid that will build up around the joints in the knee. You can have it in one knee or in both. Your doctor might refer to it as knee effusion. Water on the knee can be caused for several different reasons. One thing is for sure, you will likely have to have it treated.

Water one the knee can be one of several different fluids. What type of fluid you have to build up will depend on what type of problem you might have. You might have a disease or you could have some trauma due to an injury. It could be something as simple as over use. Your doctor will need to be consulted in order to diagnose the reason.

When your knee gets damaged from injury, it can cause a fluid called synovial to accumulate around the joints and tendons of the knee cap. The fluid can contain blood, bacteria, and even little crystals than are irritating and very painful. It can cause the swelling and puffiness. Water on the knee can also cause it to bruise more easily than normal. The best examples of injuries to the knee that can create this problem is broken bone, ligament tears, and overuse injuries like exercise or too much repetitive bending or squatting.

We all know that diseases can cause all kinds of symptoms. Water on the knee can be a side product of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, kneecap bursitis, cysts, tumors, and others. Avoiding any additional trauma to the area is imperative as it would only aggravate the condition you already have.

Your doctor might prescribe will prescribe specific medications for your particular knee issue depending on whether it is an injury or from a disease. You might be required to wear a knee brace for a period of time or even permanently if the problem recurs frequently or never goes away. When this knee condition is cause by gout or physical conditions, you might have to make changes in your diet in order to help correct the problem.

Many older people can have this problem with many of the joints in their body where they are injured more easily or have physical conditions that cause them, but young people are certainly not immune to joint issues as well. It is always good to seek the advice and treatment of your doctor anytime you have a joint issue that will not go away or irritates you frequently.

Aydan Corkern is a writer, water damage restoration professional, and promoter of water damage texas and water damage florida.

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