Monday, February 8, 2010

E-Cig Facts

The electronic cigarette is a device you have most likely heard quite a bit about, especially if you are a smoker. Many smokers all across the world are switching over from conventional cigarettes to smoking with the electronic cigarette. Many have commented on having a much more satisfying smoking experience due to the fact that their nicotine cravings are more quickly fed than if you use conventional cigarettes. This is because the electronic cigarette uses a more concentrated form of nicotine that quickly gives the body its nicotine fix, which means that the smoker spends less time smoking.

The reason for this is due to the fact that the electronic cigarette does not use all of the chemical additives that are found in conventional cigarettes. Instead, the electronic cigarette uses a liquid vapor, not tobacco and tar based smoke. This has led many smokers to be more satisfied due to the fact that the liquid vapor not only works quickly, but is almost completely odorless.

This means that your clothes will not absorb any odors that your friends and family may complain about, which is something most smokers have to deal with. The same principle applies to your breath. The lack of smell means that the user does not have to waste money on doing extra dry cleaning, air fresheners, cleaning supplies, and things of that nature to clean up the smell of their clothes or the air around them. This also eliminates the need for ash trays, which just cause a bigger mess. Since ashes can scatter out into the air, it can upset the allergies and sinuses of any friends or family members you have who deal these problems, so the lack of ashes from electronic cigarettes helps keep the environment cleaner for them.

Electronic cigarettes are also capable of helping the smoker save a significant amount of money over a long period of time. The reason so many smokers lose money at their habit is due to the fact that a single pack of cigarettes usually only lasts one day, if not just half a day, in the hands of the average smoker. Many smokers who have switched over to the electronic cigarette have commented on being able to make one single liquid vapor cartridge last for several days, if used moderately. This is, as previously mentioned, due to the fact that the vapor quickly satisfies the nicotine craving.

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