Sunday, February 14, 2010

Using E cigarette Refill Cartridges The Correct Way

If you have gotten one of the new e-cigarettes have you read about how long that cartridge or filter is going to last? If you take care of it properly it can last. It is not like the paper filter on a real cigarette. You can not bite down on it to hold it in your mouth. It will not get wet like the real ones will but it can cause your e-cigarette to not work properly. In this cartridge is where the nicotine is keep and you will not be touching that filter. It is also important to remember to keep this e-cigarette away from any water as this is a electronic battery and we all know what happens when a battery gets wet., so in a round about way, you need to treat it with respect.

Each cartridge can be used up to 100-150 times. This is almost a pack of real cigarettes with puffing on it 12 times. This is the usual amount of times you puff on a real cigarette to finish it. A lot of times you end up having to throw this one out as you do not have the time to finish it. It is really hard to make sure that this cigarette is totally out so you would have no choice to either throw it away or run the chance of burns to the skin or your clothes. With this e-cigarette you would not have to worry about any of these situations at all. To use it you simply put it to your mouth, take a few puffs and then slide it back into your pocket. This is totally non-flammable so there is no need to worry about any kind of fire.

With the using of these e-cigarette cartridges you will need to have some e-liquid which makes this cartridge last longer. It only takes a few drop in this cartridge to prolong its life. You can keep doing this as many times as you think or you start tasting the nicotine. When this happens you will need to replace this old one for a new one. You may then start the process all over again. The more often you use this e-cigarette the more money you will still have in your pocket for other things. You might be surprised by the amount you will have in the short amount of time you have used this e-cigarette.

With these cartridges and the batteries of the e-cigarette they will help you improve your way of life and those around you. They will give you your hit of nicotine without the tobacco or all of the 4000 chemicals that you receive from one cigarette. There is no smell with these either. Which is a good thing.

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