Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Daily News Losing Money

Looking at the Bogalusa Daily News falter is kind of heart breaking for me.

It has been there all of my life and i hate to see a company that has been around for such a long time lose money because they refuse to step into the future instead of remaining back in the early 90's.
You used to see a classified advertising section that was full of Jobs, Real Estate, and dozens of other catagories just in the classifieds. Now it is patheticaly empty.

the reason i refer to the classifieds is because a newspaper like the Bogalusa Daily News makes money from selling advertising and papers. We all know that the amount of papers they sell has dropped over the last 20 years, and their paid classifieds have went to the dogs.

Everyone knows that the timberlands advertiser has 200 to 1 ads compared to the daily news. the problem is that the Bogalusa Daily News has the ability to generate the lost ad revenue online if they would step into the present day and grow with the times.

Many Newspapers across the U.S. have paid a horrible price due to the internet taking away subscriptions and advertising dollars, but it really does not have to be that way for any of them.

With a little modern thought and some simple improvements, The Bogalusa Daily news could make their online presence a lot more profitable with little expense doing so.

First off, their site plain out sucks and it is not at all search engine friendly they have a powerfull enough site that if it was structured properly that they would and could rank for every term searched with "bogalusa, washington parish and franklinton" or any other location or event which would lead to thousands of new visitors a day. this would in turn give them the ability to charge for ad space on their sites and also help the local businesses with the needed exposure and additional business.

There are also some other ways to generate massive traffic to their site, and you may be amazed to hear that they could have thousands and thousands of unique visitors a day if they would wake up.

This Blog, from 20 minuets after it's first post Ever(creation of the blog) ranked on the first page of Google for "Bogalusa Daily News" and this can happen for any washington parish keyword if they would learn of the internet. Within 3 months, this blog will have 50 times the traffic that the bogalusa daily news will have, And i am a blogger for fun. They have great stories and content. they are just lacking knowledge of the Internet, and it is costing them THOUSANDS!

Bogalusa is dying, and with it the Bogalusa Daily News is leading the pack on the way to the grave because they refuse to step into today instead of living in the past.

There are now newspapers across the U.S. that are learning to use modern internet marketing standards to generate the "LOST" revenues of the past. Hopefully the Bogalusa Daily News will follow suit.

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A woman who really cares said...

Wake up small town America! Get interested in finding out facts and pay attention to things happening around you. Make sure all elected officials are keeping their word and taking care of the business of government. We can change what we want to change and make a big difference. All we have to do is be interested and take a stand.The world is passing us by.