Tuesday, December 11, 2007

louisiana high speed internet service

It has come to my attention that Bogalusa as many other small towns has only one High Speed internet provider which is provided by Bellsouth. This is heart breaking because the population of washington parish has plenty of population to support High Speed internet services and that is why i did some research on the high speed internet services avalible in the area.

There are no other providers in the area but 1, and it has no ties to a phone line or Charter cable in Bogalusa or Franklinton. But it is a service that you can have anywhere in the parish and the cost is less than bellsouth and charter overall.

This service is provided by High Speed Satellite Internet. This company currently has a ZERO Cost Set up and you can be surfing at speeds out of this world in just a few days, and do not have to worry about the cable going out, or the phone service being out.

With speeds that are literaly "out of this world". This solution is the most reliable on the market, and you can have it operational on the river, in a field or in town.

It is about time that this service has become avalible at the same or lower cost than DSL and Cable providers .

The best thing is that location has nothing to do with avalibility.

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