Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Please Help Me Find Some Dirt On Ron Paul. A Desperate Plea..

I just ran across a post where a guy from shoutwire that is desperately seeking some "Dirt" on Ron Paul. He seemed to be in a "panic" and needing a fix real quick. This is an actualy Quote from the post:

"Folks, I really need your help. We’ve got to find some dirt on Ron Paul and find it fast. The primaries are quickly approaching."

You can read the post here!
This opposition is all the way from Europe. Boy, we are getting some reach...

Now we know that there is a deep fear in the hearts of the opposition. It is good to know that Ron Paul is striking fear in the hearts of many and Love in the hearts of the multitudes.

Visit Ron Pauls Website to learn more about this man.

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