Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are E Cigarettes As Addictive As Tobacco

What people should understand about using an electric cigarette is that it is not a device that is used to make you stop smoking at all or cure your nicotine addiction. The whole concept of the electric cigarette is that it is a device that will allow you to continue to feel like you are smoking and to give you the nicotine you want, but without some of the more harmful affects you get from smoking tobacco. Having said that, as long as you continue to use the electric cigarette, you will still be addicted to nicotine if you already are.

One of the interesting things about the e-cigarette is the fact that, just like tobacco cigarettes, you can get the nicotine filters in different strengths. They come in high, medium and low strengths. Many users will demote themselves from high, to medium, to low strength nicotine so they are slowly weaning themselves away from the nicotine. When you reach the lowest strength, you can switch to a filter that has no nicotine at all! This alone will help you break the addiction to the nicotine while you are still able to enjoy the act of holding the e-cigarette in your hand and putting it in your mouth.

The hand to mouth action is one of the strongest parts of a tobacco addiction. When you stop to think that many tobacco smokers have become accustomed to holding a cigarette in their hand and taking it in and out of their mouth twenty times a day or more, it is no wonder that this part of the addiction is so hard to break. You can wean yourself down to a lower strength of nicotine gradually and still feel like you are smoking. Eventually you might be able to be one of the ones who can learn to be satisfied with no nicotine at all as long as you can feel like you are still smoking.

Smoking cigarettes is a strange habit to say the least and it is difficult for most people to be able to give it up. The electric cigarette only offers a way for you to feel like you still smoke, but you do not get any toxic smoke. The vapor that you inhale is warm like tobacco smoke and tastes like tobacco if that is the flavor you prefer. Just keep in that mind that as long as you use a filter or e-liquid refill that has nicotine in it, you will still be addicted to it. However, some studies have shown that when using nicotine on its own and its not being combined with the chemicals, tar, and smoke of the tobacco, it appears that the nicotine itself might be less addictive. This is still being debated at this time.

Aydan Corkern is a writer for smoking issues, check out the artificial cigarette, and other stop smoking alternatives


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