Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes

If you smoke cigarettes you might have heard about the electric versions that are now available. They look, taste, feel, and deliver nicotine to your system just like a traditional cigarette. The good thing about E-cigarettes are that they do not have thousands of unnecessary chemicals in the nicotine solution. The nicotine filters that are used can be purchased in different strengths like ultra light, light, and full flavor just like tobacco cigarettes. Some distributors also have a selection of flavors like menthol, cherry, apple, etc. You do not light an electric cigarette, it works using a rechargeable battery. It emits no second hand smoke, only water vapor. It is non-carcinogenic. Many smokers are trying them and loving them. They will not leave a sticky tar residue in your home or car because they contain no tar.

If you are interested in buying an electric cigarette for your self, they are available on the Internet and there are a few different brands, but they all work basically the same way. There are some versions of the electric cigarette that might not be made with as much quality as others. You can buy a starter kit that will normally come with two rechargeable battery sticks, an atomizer that heats the nicotine liquid, a package of five filters, each filter being equivalent to one pack or twenty cigarettes, and an electric charger.

The cost of a starter kit can vary, but beware of very cheaply made and cheaper priced versions because you might not be as satisfied with the product. You can usually get a starter kit ranging in price from about one hundred dollars and on up. This might sound expensive, but when you consider that the replacement filters or the nicotine liquid which can be used to refill the filters are much cheaper in the end than tobacco cigarettes. The electric cigarette can be used over and over again, but there are some new disposable versions available.

When you order you electric cigarette, you can usually get it shipped to you within several days to a week. When you need new filters or if you choose to purchase the nicotine solution to refill the filters you already have, you simply go to your website and place your order on line and they are sent to you. Electric cigarettes are not intended to be used by anyone under eighteen years old and should not be used by pregnant women. The electronic cigarette is an alternative to traditional cigarettes and is not marketed as a device to help you stop smoking. The real advantages of the electric cigarette is that it is much more convenient to use. It is cheaper to use. There is finally a better way for smokers to enjoy smoking.


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