Thursday, October 29, 2009

What Is The Latest Buzz About The E-Cigarette

There has been some controversy surrounding electric cigarettes ever since they came on the market a while back. Almost everyone who is interested in them tries to keep up with what the latest facts are concerning production and marketing.

The interested parties are of course, usually tobacco smokers who either want to try the product or are already using the product. They have concerns about the safety of the product and whether or not the FDA is going to allow the devices to continue to be sold. Some of the questions are still unanswered definitively, but there is more information coming to light a little at a time.

Just recently the Governor of California vetoed a ban of electric cigarettes. This is encouraging news. The court case between the FDA and a couple of e-cigarette companies about holding up shipments has been heard and is now awaiting a decision.

So, it would seem that interested parties might have to wait just a little longer to see exactly what the FDA is going to do after the court decision has been reached in relation to the lawsuit. As to the safety of the electric cigarette product and the nicotine solution that is used with it, there does not appear to be any new evidence as of yet that the product is unsafe.

At the very least, it certainly is not nearly as unsafe as smoking tobacco and that is still legal and going strong as far as sales and and marketing of their products. The facts that are known about the e-cigarette are that you do not get any tar or toxic smoke from the product because there is no tobacco used or burned.

The next biggest issue to come up concerning health issues related to using the device is the fact that the nicotine liquid does have some chemical content. While some have tried to exaggerate the affects that these chemicals could have on someone physically, all of the chemicals that are used are currently used in other products besides the electric cigarette and are considered safe.

The nicotine liquid that is used do not have things like formaldehyde, ammonia, cyanide, benzene, or arsenic that can be found in tobacco products.So, what is the future of the e-cigarette? Hopefully it will be that the FDA will give its full approval very soon and those who are already using the product can continue to do so and those that wish to try the product can without worry of any controversy surrounding it. Most people, especially those who are using the product that used to smoke tobacco, believe that it is a great break through for anyone that enjoys the feel of smoking, but would like to not use tobacco.

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