Tuesday, December 29, 2009

E Commerce Site States Economy Not Getting Better For Most

While news companies and politicians use catch phrases like 'jobless recovery", history of certain product sales indicate the opposite is true.

Smoke and Mirrors is what a popular adult toys based e commerce site is calling the "jobless recovery" that top level officials and politicians keep pushing on the public. History has shown that during times of economic hardship that buying habits change. People move away from high end entertainment, luxury items and excessive spending in search of cheaper entertainment and things that are more in line with relationship building, family quality and low cost entertainment.

This is the basis of the claims by the leadership of Vibealot.com, and adult toy retailer online. "Sales are going through the roof for us, but some of our friends in the e commerce business selling higher end electronics and other luxury items are not doing so hot" states Angel McEntire, a spokesperson for the Vibealot.com site. "There are precise indicators based on what then public is buying that tells the real story about what is going on in our economy, and our leaders are not being transparent."

In past recessions and depressions in the US, there were certain products and places that received what little money the public had to spend, and what was purchased was things to bring a little fun and relief from the troubles that people were having during the hard times.

Even during hard times, there will always be some businesses that will excel during economic downturns. Mix the right, quality products with great customer service and millions can be made, just as many of out top companies in the US was founded during the recessions and depression of the early 1900's.

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