Saturday, December 5, 2009

How Smoking Can Ruin Your Life

There are so many ways that smoking can completely ruin your life, it isn't funny. When you first start smoking cigarettes, it's about looking cool and being part of the gang, but when you get older and some of these things start to take effect, those are the last two things that you're going to be.

First of all, smoking does a lot of damage to your lungs. The smoke and chemicals in the cigarettes coat the inside of your lungs and turns them black. Some people may think that it's just a figure of speech, but look up some pictures of lungs that came from a smoker's body; they are truly black as soot when they're supposed to be pink and healthy.

Aside from your lungs, smoke also harms your teeth and causes them to turn a sickly yellow color that can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to have reversed. These are stains and are quite expensive to have treated.

After that, you have to worry about stinking all the time. The smoke from cigarettes floats around and ends up landing in your hair and sticking to your clothing. Removing the smell of smoke from your hair is easy, but removing it from your clothes completely may take a little more effort.

Other than personally stinking, you also have to worry about your home and your vehicle stinking. After years of smoking in your home and in your vehicle, the smoke settles into your upholstery and carpet the same way it does with your hair and clothing. Getting rid of the smoky smell from these two places will be even harder and more expensive, especially if you have to call in a professional to help you get it done. Not only that, but the smoke stains everything it touches and turns it a dirty yellow.

Ashes and cigarette butts are also everywhere and you run the risk of a toddler or a pet trying to eat them. Not many people are aware of this, but cigarette butts are toxic enough to put a baby in the hospital if they ingest only 2 or 3 of them. This is because they absorb the nicotine and other hazardous chemicals that tobacco manufacturers add to cigarettes to keep people using them.

If you really want to be cool and stay a part of the gang long term, quitting cigarettes is the best thing that you could do for your life.

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VaporStudent said...

I agree. Smoking stinks! I was wondering if you promote "smoking everywhere". That is great if you are, but I think the 2 piece design is a better E-cig because it has a built in atomizer in each cartridge and you get more vapor with each puff. I got mine at
I suppose the one advantage with smoking everywhere though is that they are in a lot of malls so if you need more carts you can just go down and pick one up.