Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Jersey Politicians Give Slap In The Face To Public Health Care Officials

GAINESVILLE, Fla., Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- New Jersey politicians have kept in line with today's politicians and thrown out warnings by expert physicians and public health experts concerning the e cigarette, a new product that is creating quite a stir in the U.S. right now.

Letters, faxes and other forms of communications were used by top medical experts in the anti-smoking movement to defend the e cigarette from what one expert called "senseless regulations" and also claimed that the actions would put the public in general in a position to pay a terrible price.

The state Senate voted 38-0 Thursday to approve a bill to apply the provisions of the "New Jersey Smoke Free Air Act" to restrict the use of electronic smoking devices, commonly known as "e-cigarettes."The bill (S-3053) would expand the definition of "smoking" to include e-cigarettes and extend the ban on smoking by minors to include the use of e-cigarettes. It would define smoking as the burning or inhaling of tobacco or any other matter than can be smoked or inhaled, or the inhaling of smoke or vapor from an electronic smoking device.

Talk is already starting talks about lawsuits to counter the bill, because it could also enforce the non-use of asthma inhalers in public, and also for users of the e cigarette to be forced to share areas of second hand smoke and endangering their lives after they found an alternative that is deemed as "100 to 1,000 times safer" by public health officials from around the world, based on independent lab studies on the product."

Elected officials are using scare tactics to pass bans and protect the companies these products threaten financially, they use terms like "an ingredient found in anti-freeze" to describe propylene glycol, when it is an that ingredient is also found in the food supply and asthma inhalers that children use on a daily basis, "states Tiffany Ellis, Public Relations Director of E Cigarettes National. "It is about time the smokers fight back at the ballots and remove any politician that uses deceptive propaganda to pass bills and protect the lobbyist and the companies that fund their election campaigns. It is time they serve the people, not special interest.

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ElectricMonkey said...

By banning the e-cig they are putting potential quitters at risk! It's definitely a better and healthier alternative to smoking then the tobacco cig.

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