Thursday, November 19, 2009

E Cigarette Users Love The Electronic Cigarette

It is no secret that many of the people who have tried an electronic cigarette were very skeptical in the beginning. Most of the people that have purchased one are people that have wanted to stop smoking tobacco, but were not been able to find a way to quit. When they found the e-cigarette, they discovered they could still get the nicotine, which is the only part of tobacco they really wanted in the first place, and they could get it without the tar and the the many deadly chemicals and toxic smoke. It might not have made them reach their target goal of not inhaling anything, but it has helped many to switch to better way of getting the nicotine they want.

Of course, as with any product that people try there are going to be at least a few who do not like it, but with the electric cigarette, so far it seems that the majority of those that try one, like it very well and are continuing to use it. It is somewhat different than smoking tobacco even though the hand to mouth action is the same.

This is one of the drawing cards for smokers too, they still had a craving to hold something in their hand and put something in their mouth. This is something that they could never get with any other nicotine product. It must be said that even though the e-cigarette is not marketed as a stop smoking device, most users have been satisfied with the fact that they can continue to get the nicotine without feeling the pressure to stop using it if they do not wish to.

Most users are accustomed to the subtle differences between the elctronic cigarette and the a tobacco cigarette within a few days to a week. Most users also find that the product is more convenient to use as well because they do not have to light it up and burn it the way they did tobacco. They do not have to worry about the vapor bothering others in their home or car because it disappears so quickly and it odorless. It is also thought by many researchers to be safer to be around than tobacco smoke as well.

Overall , the majority of e-cigarette users have been satisfied with the experience of using one. It is the absolute closest you can get to smoking a real tobacco cigarette without smoking any tobacco at all. If you are one of the millions of tobacco smokers that would like a better way to get your nicotine, perhaps you should give the e-cigarette and try and see for yourself what all of the fuss is about. You just might like it enough to use one from now on.

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