Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why The E Cigarette Vapor Is Different Than Tobacco Smoke

Everyone knows how bad tobacco smoke is for you. It has been proven time and time again to be toxic. This is not only because of the smoke itself and the tobacco tar it contains, but the many chemicals that are used in tobacco cigarette production from start to finish. No one likes the way it smells or the way it leaves brown and yellow tar residue stains on things, not even smokers themselves enjoy these things. When you use an electronic cigarette as a replacement for tobacco cigarettes, smoke is just one thing you no longer have to worry about.

Electronic cigarettes give off a vapor, not real smoke. In fact, the e-cigarette does not even give off a vapor unless the user begins to inhale on it the same way they would a traditional cigarette. Only then is the vapor produced and released when the user exhales. This means there is no annoying smoke to deal with unless you inhale and then it is vapor that dissipates very quickly. Once you exhale, the vapor disappears almost instantly. Tobacco smoke is not only annoying to those who happen to be around a smoker, but it is usually just as annoying to the smoker. It gets in their eyes and the smell is something that no one enjoys.

Another great aspect about the e-cigarette vapor is that is does not smell. You can use one anywhere you are allowed to and you never have to worry about reeking of stale tobacco. Besides that, there are no ashes or butts to dispose of. One nicotine filter for an e-cigarette will last an average one pack a day smoker all day long, as will one fully charged battery stick. This makes using the e-cigarette so convenient for the user. There are no lighters or matches to worry with. You just assemble your electric cigarette in the morning and go. Put it in your pocket or purse and take it in and out as you wish to use it.

The vapor from the device will not stain your teeth, your home, your clothes, or your car. You never have to worry about dropping it on furniture or yourself because it will not burn anything. The e-cigarette does not even get hot. The only thing that is warmed is the nicotine liquid in the filter. That is what makes it feel like real smoke and the flavorings that are added makes it have that tobacco flavor. Most e-cigarette users never miss the annoying things about tobacco because they get what they really want, something that looks like a cigarette in their hand and the nicotine they crave.

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