Thursday, November 19, 2009

Can Using An E Cigarette Instead Of Tobacco Make Your Food Taste Better?

You can ask anyone that smoked tobacco of any kind for years and then quit and they will likely tell you that their food suddenly began to taste amazing again. The old myth you might have always heard about losing the taste of food when you smoke is entirely true and it is just one of the many other bad things about smoking tobacco. When your mouth and tongue are constantly coated with the tar and smoke residue of tobacco, it dulls your taste buds and food can taste lack luster and plain. This could be one reason that smokers also tend to use more salt and other spices.

There is another myth going around these days concerning the electronic cigarette. Many of the people that used to smoke tobacco and then converted to using the e cigarette are reporting that their food is also tasting a lot better. It might be the fact that there is no tobacco used in the electronic cigarette at all and if it does leave any residue in the mouth it evidently does not hinder your taste buds nearly so much as tobacco smoking.

Aside from helping your food taste better again, e cigarette users also have improvement with the way they smell. Perhaps not with their scent abilities, but with the odor they tend to always have about them when they smoked tobacco. The e cigarette produces no foul odor like tobacco smoke does so the electric cigarette user will not smell like it. The smell of tobacco no longer permeates their body, clothes, hair, breath, home or vehicle. This is a great thing for a former tobacco smoker who always worried if their smell was offensive to others. Now they can use their e cigarette anywhere and how ever often they like with no worry about odor.

The sense of taste and the way you will not smell are both great selling points for the e cigarette , but even those two things are not the main reasons people are buying them. They love the fact they are not having to burn tobacco any longer to be able to get the nicotine they want. They do not have to inhale toxic smoke combined with thousands of chemicals, many of them deadly, and the tar that forms from burning the tobacco either, and most do not care for cigarette filters that are currently on the market. These are the real selling points for the e cigarette. They also find the product cheaper and a lot more convenient to use than smoking tobacco as well.

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