Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Judge The E Cigarette Fairly For Once

So many people that are against the sales of electronic cigarette are usually not even smokers themselves. It also has to be understood how many of these people work for or are associated with companies tied to the tobacco industry or the pharmaceutical industry who are being directly affected by the current sales of e cigarettes and their potential to become an even more popular product. It seems to be fine that those who manufacture and sell nicotine patches, gum and inhalers can distribute products that contain nicotine and show a relatively low success rate for those that have used the products to quit. People buy these products expecting a miracle to help them stop smoking, but the vast majority of them do not end up quitting and there are studies that back this up.

So, what happens when people by the thousands and thousands buy these stop smoking products that have nicotine in them and do not end up quitting smoking? Why, the companies that make them makes tons of money and the users have still been exposed to the nicotine in the products, but still end up going back to smoking tobacco anyway. Of course, anyone with any sense at all can understand why the tobacco companies would be totally against a product that they are not manufacturing that does not contain tobacco because if all smokers switched to electronic cigarettes, it would tremendously cut into their sales. Can you begin to understand why so many of these people would be against the e cigarette? It is not hard to figure out.

The few tests that have been conducted by the FDA have only shown a few problems with only a couple of brands and out of those brands only one or two showed anything bad. Even the bad that was found in one or two of the e-cigarettes tested was nothing that is not already found in tobacco, but you were not told that part of the equation. Once again, this test only showed one or two small issues out of a couple of brands. Of course, we were also not told of all of the bad things they did not find in the e cigarette that can be found in tobacco. Why did they not conduct a much broader test of e cigarettes so they could make a more in depth study? They would probably have been able to report that in the electric cigarette nicotine liquid there were no traces of arson, benzene, formaldehyde, cyanide or many of the other deadly chemicals found in tobacco. Why were people not told these very important facts as well? It might have made the e cigarette look too good.

They might have also at the same time conducted a new and more honest study of the percentage of smokers that use the nicotine patches, gum, inhalers and stop smoking pills, which have several potentially deadly side affects by the way, to show how unhelpful these products really have been to the millions of people that have bought and paid for them for weeks at a time and were totally disappointed with their results. You would be astounded to know how low the success rate actually is for these products. Yet these products are still legal to be sold as viable stop smoking aids ands tobacco of course is not likely to ever be outlawed.

The truth about the electronic cigarette is that it is not marketed at a stop smoking aid, but as an alternative to smoking tobacco. So, if tobacco can still be sold to those addicted to nicotine, why can people not choose the electric cigarette instead as their preferred way to get nicotine? If the nicotine patches, gum, inhalers and stop smoking pills do not work very well at all and are still legal to be sold and are not that effective in helping most people quit anyway, why can a person not choose to use and continue to use an electric cigarette if they want to? You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why some special interests groups would love to see the electric cigarette disappear all together.

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