Saturday, November 14, 2009

Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes And The Workplace Of Today

By : Jenna Anderson

For as long as many of you can remember, smoking has always been allowed no matter where you might work. A place to smoke has almost always been provided for smokers so they would have a place to go and take their smoke breaks. Smoking might not have always been allowed inside the work building itself, but at least there would be an area outside where smoking would be tolerated.

Since there have been so many new laws made concerning smoking cigarette and other tobacco products in public, the workplace has also been going through some smoking transformations that many smokers are up in arms about. The smoke break while you are at work could be becoming a thing of the past. Not only is smoking itself while at work becoming a thing of the past, but many employers are beginning to rethink whether they will even hire anyone that does smoke.

This is what has a lot of smokers outraged because they believe it is a form of discrimination and actually it can be considered to be. What you have to do is to look at it from both sides of the coin so to speak. From the view point of an employer, when they hire someone that smokes cigarettes, it is thought that that employee might be more prone to certain illnesses because they do smoke. This could mean more sick days and less productivity for that employee.

This is a real concern for them. Also smoking has been known to interfere with the work day because many smoking employees will sneak around to smoke when they are supposed to be working. Not that all smoking employees will do this, but sometimes the addiction can be so strong for some that they simply can not hardly help themselves. Now, looking at the situation from the point of view of the smoker, they might think that just because they smoke does not necessarily they are at a greater risk for illness or disease than some others. Many people will drink too much alcohol, and even thought they probably do not do it at work it can still affect their health and their productivity.

It is no secret that when you over indulge in alcohol, you will usually feel bad the next day and be perhaps more sluggish and less productive than normal. Drinking too much alcohol definitely can cause illnesses as well like liver disease and stomach issues. Smokers will also say that even those who have bad diets can pose just as many problems for an employer.

Those who indulge in high cholesterol and fatty diets are also prone to illness and disease. People that do not exercise enough could be a problem. Those that have a naturally low immune system could be less productive. There are many people with many different circumstances and situations that could be just as bad as employing someone who smokes and you have to admit the smokers really do have a point. Once you start discriminating against someone that does one thing, where will it end?

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