Thursday, November 19, 2009

E Cigs- The Clean Smoking Machine

That is just about what you might be inspired to call the new electronic cigarette. It provides the user with a much cleaner and better way to get the nicotine they want without all a lot of the mess and fuss of smoking tobacco cigarettes. There are no lighters or matches involved because there is no tobacco to be burned. There are no ashes or nasty butts to throw away because you can reuse them. The plastic e cigarette cartridges can be refilled if so desired for several times before you need to dispose of them and even then they can be recycled.

What is really cleaner about the e-cigarette is the fact that it does not produce real smoke. It uses a rechargeable battery stick and a tiny heating element called an atomizer to heat the nicotine liquid inside the filter portion of the device. This creates the vapor that the user then inhales. The device never creates a vapor unless the user puffs on it and when they exhale the excess it disappears so quickly you hardly even have time to see it at all before it is gone.

Many people think that a person is still smoking when they use the e cigarette because it looks so similar to a real cigarette in a lot of cases, even thought there are different styles of the device available. You can purchase some that likes like a fancy ink pen, some look like a sleek ,black artificial cigarette and others look like a traditional cigarette with a white body and brown filter. You can be a discreet with your e cigarette or as flamboyant as you like while using yours.

One thing is for sure, you are a lot less likely to have others complain about your using this device around them because of the fact that there is no real stinky tobacco smoke to deal with and smell. Most non smokers find the odor of tobacco smoke very repulsive and do not like to have it burning or anyone blowing it out anywhere near them. You can not blame them really because unless you are the one smoking the tobacco, it does smell pretty bad.

Most of the people that are now using e-cigarettes really appreciate themselves that they no longer have to deal with the odor and the smoke residue wither. They do not have to worry about the vapor making them, their home or their car smell bad either. They no longer have to worry about that sticky, brown tar residue building up on everything around them and including their own lungs.

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